Journey To Bethlehem
Journey To Bethlehem
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“It is a love story: the love between a man and a woman; the love between a king and his throne; and most importantly, the love that our Creator has for His creation—and how that love manifested in one cosmos-changing gift. And let’s not forget all the song-and-dance numbers!”

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“This is a heartfelt, charming musical twist on the classic nativity story. Director/co-writer Adam Anders (‘Glee,’ ‘Rock of Ages’) blends traditional Christmas music (like ‘O Come, O Come, Emmanuel’) with new songs to retell the familiar story of the Nativity.”

Common Sense Media
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“Director Adam Anders is very careful to keep the meaning of the Biblical story intact. The movie is fun, vibrant, and uplifting.”

The Aisle Seat
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“The songs are really good, and so are the performances. Although this is a musical version of the Nativity Story, the filmmakers treat the birth of Jesus with the proper reverence it deserves.”

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“I'm not sure I've ever seen heart and humor so majestically intertwined as it is in this live-action musical centered around the Nativity story. The end result is one of the most entertaining faith-based films of the year and a film destined to become a holiday classic.”

The Independent Critic
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“JOURNEY TO BETHLEHEM is a heartfelt, refreshing, and exhilarating reimagining of the Nativity story. It will make your heart soar.”

NYC Movie Guru
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“It captures the warmth and hope of the Christmas story with a burst of creativity and music.”

Rachel’s Reviews
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“This is not your grandfather’s epic Bible movie. … This is a totally fresh take on a familiar story from a unique lens with new music.”

Cookie Movies
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“Family-safe and you are guaranteed to enjoy the memorable music, crisp cinematography, palpable humor and touching depictions of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. … I highly recommend you storm theaters today onwards to not only watch, but SAVOR JOURNEY TO BETHLEHEM.”

O Maria Media
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“Those open to the movie’s lighthearted spirit will … recognize an inspiring message underlying the proceedings. Namely, that God has a greater destiny in store for each individual than he or she can readily imagine.”

OSV News
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"Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! A visual and musical journey into the beauty of love, truth, and hope. ‘Les Misérables’ meets Mary, Joseph, and Jesus; this movie does a lot more than just entertain, it inspires! Not only will you watch it, you will experience it!”
Rev. Samuel Rodriguez
President, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference
“JOURNEY TO BETHLEHEM is a joyful Christmas adventure for everyone—it’s the greatest story ever told, shared in a way you will never forget! I can’t wait for my entire congregation to bring their friends and see this together.”
Stewart McWilliams
Senior Pastor, Fellowship of the Rockies
“I loved it. I felt like we were on the journey with them. There were tears and joy and happiness, like we’re there witnessing the actual birth of Jesus.”
Doreen Diaz
New Beginnings Community Ministries
“JOURNEY TO BETHLEHEM is set to become a classic! It’s a well-executed piece of theatrical art involving some creative license that creates a hunger for the Savior. I’m excited for families to see it and discuss it with their kids. And then dive into their Bibles!”
Dannah Gresh
Best-selling author and founder of True Girl
“It suddenly reignites in you the wonder of Christmas.”
Dan Rupple
Mastermedia International
“It’s a real fresh take for any young person, so we certainly feel good about bringing our children, our grandchildren.”
Peggy Rupple
Mastermedia Inernational
“Joy to the world is actually getting played out through these musical numbers, through the jokes. It’s very funny. It’s very fun, whimsical. The whole leads up to Jesus being born and it’s a fun adventure.”
Jeremy Carroll
“I cannot wait for my whole family to see this. I’m so excited to have a movie we can all watch together and have every age group enjoy it. It was fun to watch but it was also very rich and powerful. When Jesus is finally born, it’s so powerful. I was in tears.”
Rebecca Alonso
Author, Speaker
“JOURNEY TO BETHLEHEM was absolutely amazing. Both the mix of humor, but then the seriousness and the moments that touched you about the journey of Mary and Joseph and the birth of Jesus was incredible. I think everyone with kids should go see this movie.”
Wade Harris
True Girl Ministries
“I'm so grateful for a movie that the whole family can watch together. It’s an enjoyable film. I laughed, I cried. The music is phenomenal. And I left with a determination to seek the Lord like never before.”
Da’dra Greathouse
Recording Artist / Worship Leader, Lakewood Church
“We really need the good news. We need something that’s encouraging, uplifting. It was joyful. This is going to be one of those movies that will be seen every Christmas from the, from here to eternity, you know, it’s just, it’s that good.”
Rob Carter
Jaron Ministries International
“Great movie musical for the whole family! Easy to love. It had drama, intrigue, laughter, and it showed the account from a human point of view. This is important because we don't often think of those characters like real people and instead see them as fictional characters. This reminds us that they too experienced things like we experience them.”
Tobie Letlow
Youth Pastor, Mount Zion Miami
“JOURNEY TO BETHLEHEM is the Christmas musical we have been waiting for. I enjoyed it thoroughly and highly recommend it to everyone.”
The Rev. Luis Cortés Jr., Founder & CEO, Esperanza
“We loved JOURNEY TO BETHLEHEM! Definitely a holiday and family favorite for Christmases to come! It has it all: great music, actors, it’s funny, heartfelt and most of all, it’s the story of Christmas.”
Julissa, Singer / Songwriter
“It is a creative, family-friendly musical experience that reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas.”
Gilberto Corredera, Pastor, Prestonwood Español
“It just moved me in the seat. It makes it very emotional. And it was just so well done. It felt like ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ at times. Just the beauty, the camels, the canvas that they did it with was just extraordinary.”
Sean McNamara
“I really enjoyed it. It was a beautifully shot movie. Really well acted. The music was fantastic. I think it’s a great, great Christmas film, a great family film.”
Mike Nawrocki
Co-Creator, VeggieTales and Creator, “Dead Sea Squirrels”
“It was such a wonderful way to tell the Nativity story, the birth of Jesus story. It was just beautiful and really fun to watch. It was done in such a creative way, so differently. I loved it!”
Lisa Nawrocki
“I loved it. The plot, the production, the music, everything—especially the characters and the casting … so, so beautiful. The acting was just perfect. It lets you sink into the message of the gospel in a brand new way … it’s amazing!”
Andrez Babii
Rapper, Songwriter, Producer
“The music was beautiful, it is just so well done and catchy. It will resonate with younger generations. It’s kind of like the greatest story ever told meets ‘The Greatest Showman.’”
Marisa Boonstra
Author / Blogger, Called To Mothering
“JOURNEY TO BETHLEHEM was a wonderful retelling of an age-old story that the whole world needs to hear. It was so refreshing that I feel comfortable telling all of my friends, especially my unchurched friends, about this great movie.”
Stacy Spencer
Senior Pastor, New Direction Christian Church
“JOURNEY TO BETHLEHEM was so captivating. It was so alive and so powerful. I loved it. This is the movie you’ve been waiting to share with your children, your spouse, your neighbors, your grandparents!”
Brendt Blanks
She Gave It A Go
“I really liked it. It was really captivating. It was jovial and fun and upbeat and all of those things. But it was also very profound and gentle in different ways. I experienced a range of emotions. This is something I think the entire family can enjoy.”
Deacon Charlie Echeverry
Archdiocese of Los Angeles
“There are so many points of connection to the Scriptures that we hear in church and the characters that we know in our nativity scenes. But to see this dramatic and artistic implementation of the story and to have it come to life in a whole new way … my heart was really soaring as I watched it.”
Lisa Hendy
“I think joy is what this movie does best. There’s a lot of fun and funny throughout the movie.”
Marcellino D’Ambrosio
Creative Director, Sherwood Fellows
“Joy is all throughout JOURNEY TO BETHLEHEM. From the music to the interactions of the characters, joy exudes. You can't help but to feel exactly that joy. For the joy of the Lord is indeed our strength. And you can see that strength rising up through Mary.”
Sondrea Tolbert
Executive Director, Scarritt Bennett Center
Assistant Pastor, Fairfield Missionary Baptist Church
“I think everyone should go see JOURNEY TO BETHLEHEM. I think it's an amazing movie for every single family, here in the United States and hopefully all around the world.”
Evan Laird
Head of Marketing, Hallow
“It's a great work of art. I appreciated it very much. The locations are great. The cinematography is just excellent. This is a story that is captivating.”
Father Fred Jenga
President, Holy Cross Family Ministries
“I love JOURNEY TO BETHLEHEM because it reminds me of the true story of Christmas that everyone should remember. This is a movie for everybody: you should bring your family and friends to watch this wonderful movie.”
Carla Ferrando-Bowling
Director of Family Formation, St. John Baptist de La Salle Parish